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Did you call USCIS? As our case is outside the processing time published on the website you can call & initiate a referral.


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I-140 Nd:08/31/2005

I am waiting from 08/31/05.. don't have a single LUD...!
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140 RD - July 28th 2005
LUD 09/21. 09/22 05
RFE (Ability to Pay and Edu. Eval) - Feb 7th 2006. Will be replying next week.


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File 140 on August 23 2005
RFE (A2P) on Decemeber 28 2005
RFE replied on March 22 2006
5 LUDs upto March 28 2006
No approval yet.

How long me/attorney should wait after this to talk to them?