Judiciary sub commitee on immigration


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Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims

Mr. John N. Hostettler, Chairman 8th district Indiana
B-370B Rayburn HOB, Tel: 202-225-5727

Mr. Jeff Flake 6th district, Arizona
Ms. Sheila Jackson Lee 18th district, texas, democrat
Mrs. Marsha Blackburn 7th district, tennesse
Ms. Linda Sanchez 39th district , California, democrat
Mr. Lamar Smith 21st district, texas
Ms. Zoe Lofgren 16th dt, CA (San Jose, silicon valley)
Mr. Elton Gallegly 24th dt, CA
Mr. Howard Berman 28 CA, democrat
Mr. Chris Cannon 3rd UT
Mr. John Conyers 14, Michigan, democrat
Mr. Steve King 5th Iowa

Ms. Melissa Hart 4th PA

Abdenour Achab

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Are you referring to HR 3271

Originally posted by jaxen
All H1s and other workers need not file LC or 140, they can directly file 485 after 5 years.
Hi Jaxen,

Are you referring to HR 3271 ? If so, isn't that only a bill, not a law (yet) ?


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What about HR261

HR 261 was presented to judiciary commetee on 01/06/2005 regarding extension of 245(i)
When to expect further action?


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is this for illegal immigrants only?

i was reading the introduced bill and it looks like it applies to illegal immigrants only. please correct me if i am wrong. :confused:


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Not only

It applies to everybody who otherwise except meeting the deadline for immigration petition qualify for 245 (i). Like folks who were denied or might be denied the AOS because of failure to maintane ligal status.


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what effect will it have on h-1bs?

thanks for the info, Akatu!
so what effect will it have on the h-1bs whose labor is still pending? does it mean that if the bill is indeed passed you then don't have to get the labor and i140 but instead directly applying for i-485?
also HR3271 looks like going nowhere in congress as the last update was in 2003.
anyway it is the only good news heard for such a long time and hopefully it will benefit everybody.


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It means

In my assumption, those who have violated their status in the past, but have filled their LC or other 1-140 before April 2002 as per requested changes to the existing Law) may ajust AOS paying fine $1000. That is what it means.
As per HR ...2003, I have seen it on the Congress website but do not know what become of it.
If anyone has follow up info please share