jobs for illegal aliens


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Hi, I lurk around this forum from time to time and my questions are usually answered without me having to make a new thread.

However, since I’ll be heading off to college in the fall, and I haven’t received money from any scholarship.. I was just wondering if it really is possible for me to get a job. I know some people might ridicule me for this thread but I don’t want to get a fake SSN. I mean.. is it easy to get a job that just pays cash? I really need to find one. Realistically, I know I won’t be able to get a “traditional” teenage job with my friends.

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what do you mean with your friends? work is work. all of it has honor and dignity. yes, you can get an off the books job. and try to see if you can become an indep contract with an itin and get a job via that form. you wil have to pay taxes, but at least you will work. and with reform soo close, don't do anything stupid and concentrate on reform too.


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I'm also "illegal" currently waiting for my priority date to come up, in sept. of 2001 currently they are in sept. of 1999!

Graduated in 2005 High School, but That hasn't stopped me from living a healthy life,

Im here for you,

Rafael Garcia
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Well I figure when you start school, think of a long term plan and say to yourself "Well if this will be my job, then i got to prove to people i work for that i am what they want for this job and then some". But you got to work hard, real hard. Right now this what gives me hope, because there is nothing left, you know what I mean.