Job Title change between Prevailing wage and Perm filing

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I have joined the company as Sr.Software engineer and when i initiated the perm i was Sr.Software engineer. Due to layoff (others) int he company my Perm filing delayed for more than an year. Now my company started the process and they are about to file the perm this week. I am already close to 5th year end date (09/30/2018). In Between i got promoted as Manager with same job description and in the same team with additional responsibilities.

For the perm process the recruitment was done Sr.Software Engineer. Will that cause any issue in Perm/I140 and also in next H1 extension. Please provide some guidance on this.


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PERM is future employment & it not necessarily has to match with your current job. You can be holding xxx job title currently whereas PERM can be for yyyy job title.