Job Search for Immigrant skilled workers

Hi Rajiw.
That is right. Well, the best way to me, actually may not be the best way to everyone, would be to build a system's search database with headhunters. more specifically, these headhunters are intended to seek abroad skilled workers resumes.
In the second moment, once a database got a determinate number of immigrant's resumes, under skill category, I suppose the next step would be make partnetship with enterprise business such as microsoft, oracle, things like that, or another site. well, that is my suggestion even don't knowing nobody here
Thank you

Im a US citizen, applied I-130 and its pending for my sister.

She, her husband and two kids have B2 visa for the rest of the year.

They want to come visit me in US from Ukraine (Crimea, I guess its Russia now).

Is there chance that they would not be allowed to enter US? Or everything is fine?

Thank you very much!