Job change and H4 EAD with i140 from previous employer


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Hi ,

I had an approved i140 from employer A for over a year. And I my wife has her H4 and EAD approved recently .
In between, I switched to a new employer B and they have filed her H4 and EAD together with my H1b application.
Currently her H4 & EAD is pending but my H1b from employer B is approved.
my i140 with employer B is not started yet but previous employer i140 was approved for more than 180 days.

In this scneario, can the H4EAD approved with my previous employer A's i140 can still be used?
is H4 EAD tied to the approved i140,if in case i140 from employer A is revoked , the associated EAD will also become invalid?