jaxen, Jim M :Mumbai stamping with middle name typo in I-797 and LCA

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My wife is going to Mumbai,India for H1 visa, we just noticed that her middle name has 1 extra letter ( Prashant\'a\' in place of Prashant ,
first and last names are correct ) in the H1 approval notice and the LCA.

Is there going to be a visa stamping problem ? she has to go to the interview anyway since she changed over from an H4 visa to H1 status after about a year on H4 here in the USA.

Could you please help me out ?
Also both Chennai and Delhi are asking for company photo\'s , contact info of managers etc. but not Mumbai ? do you think we should carry those too ?

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Take all documentation and point out typographical error

For new H1 at Mumbai take all relevant docments and dont forget to get name corrected as it appears on other documents like passport, DL, ID etc.

Asking for company photos is something new, you might want to point out that due to security reasons photography is not allowed. Get a letter to this effect from manager on his/her letterhead with contact info.

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thanks..about the photos...I can say that

@delhi they said that you can bring all such confidential material in a sealed envelope and they will respect the confidentiality !

anyhow I hope the typo will not matter