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Should we file combined I-765 & I-131 file together OR only I131?

Dear Mr.Rajiv,
Another question please. The I-765 (EAD) & I-131 (Travel Documents) were expired few months ago for my two high school going kids, where they never used.

Now I am planning to apply only Travel Documents for them instead of combined filing the above forms since they don't intend to work in the next couple of years. So can I file only I-131?

Thanks for the help in advance.


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Hi Mr Rajiv

I have been a GC holder since 1995 and it expired 2005. I applied for USC and was granted then denied due to an arrest in 2002. I is a removable offense but have the opption of sending in a n-336. Should I go forward with the n-336 or just file to get a new GC.
Thanks in advance.


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Lost I-94

Hi Rajiv,

I lost my I-94 and I applied for its replacement on October 3. The case is still pending. I wanted to know how long does it take to get a replacement and in the meanwhile can I travel outside US? I am on student visa now.

My H1-B will be filed in April. Will this affect my chances? I have applied for OPT card and I am waiting for it.

Thanks in advance



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Lay off before PERM approval

Hi Rajiv,

My PERM approval was pending for about a year already due to audit. Just recently, my company let me go but told me they will continue the sponsorship for my greencard. I am currently in talk with another company that is willing to transfer my H1B. What are the implications of this scenarios with my GC application?

Thanks for the help in advance.



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Hi Rajiv,

We had some questions regarding surrogacy. We are currently US residents and about 2 years away from being eligible for applying for citizenship.
1. What are the requirements to be able to get a surrogate child from India if we were do surrogacy in India?
2. If we were to use a donor egg. Are there any additional requirements paperwork?

Thanks and regards.


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Filling of N600K

Hi Mr Rajiv,

Wishing you a very happy and prosperour new year. First of all I thank you so much for the great help you are doing to the members.

I am a permanent resident and planning to apply for my citizenship soon. I have one son (below 18 years) and he is in India. He dont have any visa status here. Once I get my citizensship I will go back and settle in India.

1. How can I get cirtizenship for my son?
2. Is it possible to get citizeship under 'Child Citizenship Act'?
3. Can I apply for his citizenship by using the form N600K?
3. Could you give any other option to get citizenship for him.


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L1 to H1 change of status AND part time H1 details

Dear Sir,
A very happy new year to you. And thank you for hosting such a helpful service.

I have been in Baltimore MD, for 3 years now on L1 visa and this year I am planning to return to India in Sept 2009. But I had applied for some jobs and 2 to 3 companies are ready to apply for my H1 visa.
I would really appreciate if you could give your opinion on the below queries.

1) I am planning to apply H1B petition through employer A and one more part time H1B petition through employer B. Would there be any problems if I do this?

2) Is it advisable to pursue one more H1B petition through employer C, to have a better chance in lottery system.

3) If part time H1 gets picked in lottery and full time H1 does not, then can I convert part time H1 to full time H1.

4) In India, before going for H1 stamping, can I change the H1 sponsor from employer A to any other employer who is willing to transfer my H1. Or do I need pay stubs and work for some minimum duration before applying for H1 transfer.

Thanks in advance for all your answers.

Best Regards,


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Dear Rajiv,

I have the following two questions:

Can a person apply for citizenship (after three years of issuance of conditional green card by marriage to a US Citizen) even if his joint petition or waiver to remove the condition on his green card is still pending..?

I want to have a formal wedding ceremony and I want to invite my parents here in US on visitor visa. We got married in the court earlier because we didn't have time to plan a wedding ceremony. I applied for my marriage based green card and I received the conditional green card yesterday. Do you think this is a good reason for my parents to tell at the consulate that they want to come to US for tourism and be part of their son's wedding ceremony..?

I would appreciate your response.
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Cant wait any more been 5.5 years now still waiting my lawyer suggested file for wom but he said he will charge at least 3000 plus court fees does this cost that much can i file my self.Also do they have to respond to you or they can put this in a limbo too. I am schedule to travel over seas for a b trip can i file myself and still travel or is it better to have the lawyer file in case they (usics) respond then my lawyer can takecare of it while i am away.If i file this where do i file and who should i include can you offer any suggestions or guidelines on how to do this. Can they retaliate agianst me or my family because i took them to court thats my biggest fear my lawyer says they cant and they shoul'nt but they may it depends i dont understand.I made a recent info pass inquiery and the guy told me the name check was done 3.5 years ago and it cleared but other check might still be pending he did not speicfy on me pusing further he told me can be one day or another ten years i can t just wati for these guys i want to do something about it. My lawyer says wom is a good option.I need a second opinion.

MY case history is :
Applied 02 on Eb 3 from India
Already did Fp 3 times now.
Have Ap and Ead entered leggally in the country.
Had travelled on Ap twice before no issues accept for the first time.My kids go to school here.Case is in TSC

Please let me know if you can offer any suggestions is it normal to wait for so long even when :confused:
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