J1 Waiver though never enrolled in the program.


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I received an advisory opinion that I am subject to a 2 year residency as a private employer had filed a J1 in 2004 as below as I want to preapre for CP/AOS. (exchange program involved a specific, specialized skill or knowledge that your home country has listed as important to its development )

I had never enrolled in the program (J1 letter issued on Aug 5' 2004) while I left USA for Canada on Sep 21 2004.

How should I go about the J1 waiver process. (Anything other issues other than home country will issue No Objection certificate)

Received H1 in 2007 and multiple TNs after that.

2000 = F1 issued, Primary passport
2003 = OPT issued, Primary passport
2003 = H1 petition returned due to high volume and employer applied for J1 status, Primary passport
May 2004 =OPT ended, Stopped working, Primary passport
Aug 2004 = J1 approved in the letter format.
Sep 2004 = Immigrated to Canada as a permanent resident.
2005 = B1/B2 = 10 year approved in Toronto, Primary passport
2006 = Applied for F4 Immigrant visa, Got I 130 # approved, Primary passport
2007 = H1B approved and stamped, never used, Primary passport
2008 = Acquired Canadian citizenship.
2011 = TN permit (#1),Canadian passport.(Used for only 1 year)
2017 =TN permit (#2),Canadian passport.(Currently in use)(Crossed every weekend for 2 years straight)
2020 = TN permitt (#3),Canadian passport

Thanks and appreciate all the help.
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I was advised (by legal) to go ahead and persue the NOC route as I had exchange skills listed in my advisory opinion. If anybody has had recent experience with Home Ministry,Govt of Maharashtra and RPO,Mumbai please opine.The web sites offer very basic information.