J1 visa holder physician who recently signed RSC formal contract


I am a J1 visa holder physician who is finishing her fellowship in 2019. Last May 2017, all J1 visa holder physicians who are continuing their training were asked by the DOH to sign a formal Return of Service Contract, stating we will not obtain a waiver of the 2 yr home requirement. We had to sign this form in order for us to obtain/renew our Need for Training certificate (NTC) which we will submit to ECFMG to renew our DS2019. I signed it of course, because I need another NTC for my final year in fellowship. With this premise, am I really obliged to go back to the country to do the 2 yr home requirement, or can I use another route, such as NOS or Alternative Arrangement, so I can remain in the US and practice my specialty. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!