J1 to GC

What if the employer (school district) files a petition for a J1 to become a permanent resident? Is a waiver still required? Can they vouch for the applicant not to fulfill the 2 year residency? TIA


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You should familiarize yourself with the waiver process, and what bases can you claim to request a waiver. In general, if your visa was funded (even in part) by the U.S. government, the waiver will be the most difficult to obtain. If your home country has a skills list and your profession is one of them, it also might be difficult. Other categories might be easier, but in any case, approval is not guaranteed.

Is there really a path for a J visa to become a GC? What waiver can be presented? What is the best possible way for a successful application. The employer (school) already filed for PERM. Thank you.
May I know the update of this process? My employer is actually looking for ways for me to stay longer. Hope to hear your reply soon. Thank you!