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J1 Expires in August. Another company wants to offer me employment

Discussion in 'General J Visa and Related Issues' started by Dylan Eftimoff, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Dylan Eftimoff

    Dylan Eftimoff New Member

    Hello guys! I need urgent help on an issue that is going on with my immigration status.

    I am on a J1 visa until August 16th (to work) and September 16th (to travel). My visa is for 13 months. I arrived in August 2015.

    I work for a big corporation, however I met with an owner of a small business in software and development who offered me a position, however I don't know if I am able to stay on another visa such as (o1, H1b or Eb1).

    I have a bachelors in Business and Management (4.0 GPA) from the UK, however I still think that I cannot qualify for EB1.

    I am not a subject of the 2 year home residency requirement.

    My question is: What are my chances to stay here on another visa after my J1 expires in August 16th and work for this owner of a small business?

    I have the offer letter.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Fannie

    Fannie New Member

    Hi Dylan,

    I am in the same situation I currently have a J1 exchange student visa, valid until mid-Sept 2016 and I have to wait several months in my home country before coming back with a new J1 intern visa. But I don't know how much exactly.

    It's too late for the H1B, the application deposits are closed at the begining of April (to obtain the visa the following October). For O1 visa you have to demonstrate that you are exceptionnal in your field... hard to do without a good attorney and a solid background/experience. And for the E1-2 visas if you are very lucky and find a foreign company corresponding to your nationality which invests in a USA subsidiary they may sponsor you ! If your new company really wants you to stay, they can send you abroad in one of their subsidiary/headquater for a minimum period of 1 year and then make you coming back to the US with a L1. I don't know much about the EB1 visa, it seems to be like the O visa... also very hard to obtain.

    But the easiest solution is the J1...but of course it is a temporary solution. Your current J1 visa has already reached the maximum period allowed, you will need to come back to your home country before asking for a new visa.

    Good luck !

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