Its my turn now


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I got our (mine and spouse) approval e-mail for 140 and 485
both today from USCIS after 3 year + wait.

Thanks a lot for all the help by Kashmir, Rajiv and all who
made this forum great.


140 EB2 - RD 11/17/2003 (Non profitable startup, ~80 employees).
485 - RD 11/17/2003, EAD, AP approved before no RFE.
AD 10/05/2004.

Waiting for the postal mail. Hope you guys get yor approvals soon.

Best of luck.


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Congrats askgc !!!

Many thanks for the help you provided for I-140 backlog reduction activities !!!.


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Guys thanks a lot for all the wishes

Tiredofins did you follow up with USCIS, lawyer and Senator ... saying JIT date passed?