Its approved finally!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dear Friends,

I just checked (10.30p.m.) the status and thrilled to note my case along with my family's cases were got approved. what a relief ah! I can feel it.

the surprise thing is, I called CSC today afternoon to update my address,( my case was missing online since Nov 18th), the officer said, I may receive a letter for an interview or may not.. but when I looked the status online, my case was approved and letter was sent out on Dec 2nd.. this is really surprising. I really dont know to what extent the officer can access our file.
I got the email about the approval.

My last LUD was on Nov 30, I am sure it would have been approved on that, but they waited for my AR-11, ( which was received by USCIS on Dec 2nd).

I wish everyone in this forum good luck and thanks a lot for the folks who spend their time in replying to my questions..

Thank you Rajiv Khanna for this tremendous set up.

Here is my case details.

Came on L1A
140_ RD- Jun2002
First FP - Dec 2002 for me and spouse
I-140- AD- Jan2003 (with 3 RFE's in 6 months)
I-485 -RD-OCT2002
First FP - Dece 2002
Spuse second FP - Sept 10, 04
my second FP - Oct 28,2004
Oct 28,2004, USCIS sent reply to my attorney's enquiry to my old address and returned back. I came to know this on Nov 22
Got an email on Nov 3 from CSC saying my case is in line for adjudication with the adjudication officer. please allow sufficient time.
LUD - Nov 3, - FP results received
Nov4, 04 ( both me and spouse)
Senator letter on Nov 5
LUD on Nov 18, status disappeared from the system
Nov 17, receive a letter to send AR-11 for request of change of address.
Nov 22, called CSC emergency number
LUD on 11/24
Nov 29, got a call back from CSC emergency saying it vll b adjuducated in 60 days
LUD on 11/29, 11/30
Dec 1st - mailed AR-11 with my current address
Dec 2nd - approved :) - email received on Dec 3rd
Dec 3rd - I called to update the address


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Nathang!. As I told you the officers at the emergency center don't know the exact information about the case. When I called the emergency number each time they informed me differently.



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This time, I did not call the emergency number, I called the CSC number. the lady who could not access my file due to my case was missing from the website, connected me to a officer.


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Attn Chankuk

Hi Chankuk

If you dont mind my asking what was the nature of the RFE you received?



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I have not received yet the RFE. I will ask to the attorney on Monday. I guess W2, EVL and paystubs fo me and medical exam for my wife. She was pregnant whe she got medical exam last year.

I will share infomation of the RFE when I get it.


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Was the RFE for both??? I mean for you and your wife?

I dont think so, they would b asking W2.... stuffs at this time.


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Nathang, according to the status check site, the online says the RFE both for my wife and me, not my eight years old son. My wife did not take medical exam when we went to hospital because she got pregnant. I think she just took blood test, not the immunization shots.