Is your PD current in June 2007?

Will your PD be current in June 2007?

  • Yes, my PD will be current in June 2007

    Votes: 115 72.8%
  • No, my PD will not be current in June 2007

    Votes: 43 27.2%

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Yes, mine is current from june 1st 2007
PD: 2nd july 2002, Labor approved in Nov 2004
I-140/485 - Applied in Dec 2004(myself,spouse,1-kid)
I-140- Aprroved may 2005
I-485 - ???? ......Current from next month
Extended H1 B for another 3 yrs till 2009
Got my 3rd EAD/AP in april 2007


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MY PD is Aug 2004.
case - NIW INDIA
I485- aplied 2005 (RFE replied, FP done)

will I be current july bulletin
Thanks in advance for all of your insights