Is visiting a family member living illegally in the US illegal?


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In the passport control they always ask me where I will stay,
will any of my family member or me would have any consequences if I say that I'll stay at his/her apartment?

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theyre not going to ask you the status of your family member. their status has nothing to do with you.

it's not illegal to visit someone who is undocumented. if someone is breaking the law, it's they.


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Hmm... they might ask the status. Depending who it is it could raise concerns that OP might be joining them in overstay (example if it’s say a brother and OP doesn’t have a stable job back home).
Ensure that you carry sufficient proof to show that you’ll return home.


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CBP could ask who a visitor is staying with. Furthermore, CBP has discretion to contact said individual if they suspect anything at POE. And if they gleam anything suspicious about the host, CBP could set in motion scrutiny of the host.

Hypothetically (not tying anything to OP), what if a visitor unknowingly gets associated with a name/address of someone involved with, say drugs/prostitution, etc and that triggers a CBP alert? Doesn't always happen, but ya never know.


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