Is online status reliable? Timely updated ?


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Hi everyone,

I got an RFE in July and responded by my attorney sometime in August. My online status has not changed to " we received " , and I'm beginning to worry. It still says " We send ----"

When you monitor your status on line, is it always updated timely or it takes while ? I appreciate it very much if anybody who can share any experiences.

I'll ask my attorney as well but I'd love to hear from friends on this site.

Thank you,

I140 RD March-04
RFE July -04
EB3 non con
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I am in the same boat

I am in the same situation. I got an RFE on my EB2 concurrently filed case on July 13th. My attorney responded (at least that's what he say's) on Aug 29th. So far no update on the case. My online status still says that an RFE was mailed on July 13th.

My other apps (EAD/AP/485) were touched on July 13th when the RFE was mailed. Since then no change in LUD's as well.