Is NIW special?


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Dear friends
I posted this at an other place,not sure if it was the right one........I see about 50 views but no inputs/ I wanted to move it to an other place....if u allready saw this,please excuse me....[/I]
Recently I am promoted from 140 forum to this one(see my signature) As I am new to this I need your help to be educated........ eventually my old friends are all ready here as GURUs

1) Do all 485s get interview? if not what is the criteria? I saw arrest is the main reason... do they count traffic voilation less than $500? If it is a general one what is it about?
2) I read and got an idea about PDs and processing times on this forum....I am curious about learning EB2 NIW... Do they count all EB2s (labor and NIW) same or is there any special catogiry like EB2A??? do they at least give priority to NIW cases...if both cases are identical otherwise?

Thanks for inputs