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is life in the uk test required for ilr

Discussion in 'UK- Visiting, Living in, Moving to or Moving From' started by jamespandey, May 5, 2015.

  1. jamespandey

    jamespandey New Member

    I am totally confused with ilr and test. both are same or different?
  2. copernica

    copernica New Member

    I am not sure what you mean, for the irl you can find information govtilr.org/faq.htm. Can you be more specific about what test?
  3. Jon2015

    Jon2015 New Member

    do you mean ILR - Indefinite Leave to Remain ?
  4. vikipilenche

    vikipilenche New Member

    You need to pass the test under most circumstances for irl - is that what you mean?
  5. Wingpin

    Wingpin Active Member

    The Life in the UK test is only for citizenship/to naturalise. You don't need it for permanent residency/indefinite leave to remain.

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