Is it possible for DV winner to travel out of US without Green Card

Hi guys,
I finally received the dv visa with my son and hope to travel for about 2 weeks before it expires.
As we aren’t yet ready to finally migrate to the US we intend to stay for about 2-3 weeks. I heard that at the airport they issue a stamp on our passport which can serve as a visa to travel out of the US. I will like to have a confirmation about it. During this period I obviously intend to apply for our GreenCard. I hope to return to my country of origin and stay for another 3-4 months before going for good. Hope it something that can work.


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Look at the bottom of your diversity visa stamp. There is a printed line about ..on endorsement serves as temporary I551 for one year.
The endorsement is the normal stamp on entry you will get. It then is no longer a “visa” but becomes a temporary green card (officially known as form I551) valid for one year from when you enter. You can use that as proof of green card status to return, obviously before the one year is up.

(I don’t know what you mean by you intend to apply for a green card when you are in the US. That’s what you’ve already done and why you have a diversity visa. You will become a lawful permanent resident = green card holder as soon as you enter the US on that visa, even before the plastic GC arrives. Make sure you pay the $220 green card fee though or it won’t be produced.)
Thanks SusieQQQ for the information. I will be travelling with my son who is 7 years old. He was also granted a similar visa. I will like to know if I have to pay the green card fees at the airport or later. Is it advisable to have a US medical insurance and if so where can we get a good one.
Any other useful information for airport formalities is highly welcome.


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The green card fee is paid online, not at the airport.

No need to have health insurance until you move permanently. Impossible to just suggest a good one, depends on your state and our specific needs, whether you can get insurance through a job, etc. it is a complex process and advise you to do some research on it before you move over permanently.
I know is advisable to pay the fees before getting into the states. However, due to some unexpected circumstances I will like to do after my entry.
What could be the implications?
make sure you have the right address when entering at Port of Entry, else you would suffer a headache trying to retrieve the physical Green Card.