Is it must to do job(Full time/Part time) and get paid on your all H1Bs (from different Employers) at the same time.


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I have 2 H1B from 2 different Employers. I am working on H1B of Employer A and get paid by him. Is it must to do work on H1B of Employer B and get paid from him too? As in the case of H1B it is must to get paid on time and on a regular basis. In my case, I am not doing any job for Employer B that is why he is not paying me anything. Could you please tell is it must to work on all your H1Bs (suppose 3 H1B from 3 different Employers) and get paid from all 3 of them, practically it is hard to do 3 full-time jobs at the same time, but still for example?


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Once either you or your sponsor are not meeting the terms of your LCA, then your H1-B should be terminated. Since you are not working and not being paid, the employer MUST advise DHS.