Is Degree Certificate need for Workpermit in Canada as in US for H1B?


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I am Sardaar, writing this query from India. I got a job in Canada in Information Technology domain. There employer is ready to take me in. But my query is, I could not finish my graduation (I completed 16 years of education but didn't clear few papers to obtain convocation certificate but I have course completion certificate) due to some reasons. But I have 4 years of solid technical experience, which include 2 years internation experience (Western Europe). For H1B to US , wee need to show our graduation certificates at consulate. But I could not see the specific requirement on Canadian Visa site. Can any one please advice. Thanks in advance for your time.

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YES ! You do need a degree certificate to qualify for a H1-B ( USA work permit ) and for a Canadian work permit. Course completion certificate would not suffice.Your degrees are subject to verification and your experience alone is no guarantee for H1-B or Canadian work permit. If I were in your place I would complete all the remaing courses and get a degree ASAP.

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