Is an I-485 applicant considered a resident for school tuition?


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My wife wants to sponsor her parents, she is now a USC, but I told her that if she does I want them to take ESL classes at the local community college. If she sponsors them and they do AOS would they be considered in-state residents once they receive the I-485 receipts for tuition purposes?


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Usually a pending I-485 will enable one to qualify as a resident for tuition purposes, however it's also usually necessary to have the pending I-485* for at least a year in order to qualify. That's in addition to having lived in the state for a year. She probably won't become instantly eligible upon filing the I-485.

Go to the web site of the school she's interested in and look for their rules on in-state tuition.

*or if the I-485 is pending for less than a year, having certain nonimmigrant status other than F1/J1/F2/J2/B1/B2 can be counted towards that year.
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