Is a creative writer eligible to O Visa?


Hi everybody there…

I'm a french creative writer, making a living with this occupation for more than 30 years, with 70 publications, with some best-sellers and international translations (even in english). I'm also a screen-writer. So I do want to leave and emigrate to the States with my spouse and work there as a writer and scenarist.
We applied for the DV-2015 lottery and my spouse was selected, but with a risky big Case number (DV-2015EU434xx), so we aren't sure to be convoqued to the US Embassy if the cut-off is lower, and nevertheless we have to wait a full year before to know.
So I should want to imagine alternative ways to our project. The Visa O1-B (artists with extraordinary ability) could fit for my case. But it is very selective and the success of the process is not sure. And if it works, I could only work as a creative worker abroad, which is limitative. And my spouse couldn't work by herself. So I'm not sure.
But what other solutions do we have?
I precise that we want to emigrate definitively in the USA, me being creative worker and maybe teacher and scenarist, my wife as an actress, singer and artist-performer.
Got any ideas?
Thank you in advance.