Interview : Transferred to HARTFORD, Connecticut


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We got a letter for Finger prints on Fri 04/18/03. Last time we gave our Finger prints on 01/15/2002. As we have completed more than 1 year...probably they asked us fingerprints...before approving our case.


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Re: Cards

Hi netboyks

Sorry for replying to you earlier, I have not received my cards, how about you. Have you received yours??



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Anybody called for interview .....

Hi All,
Just checking if anyone recieved interview after MzSuresh (Feb 13,2003).
Anybody knows for which month Hartford INS is scheduling interview.
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Thanks for the website. I am now hopeful as per the information. It is saying 274 days (I-485) for Hartford office. Get ready guys, who aare trasnferred on or before Aug'2002


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We had our finger prints yesterday(2nd time)...Anybody knows, where to check, about finger prints status.

We are looking forward to get our I485 approval asap.


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I got letter for appoiment renewal EAC

Today I received the letter. This will be my second renovation for my EAC. The first time was in Vermont Service Center, now in Hartford it took to much time after the application, exactly 2 and half months.

Even I am waiting letter for my interview.


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Interview case approved

Hi Guys,
Its my time to say "Ole Ole Ole ..." We (me and my wife) case approved and passport stamped after an interview.

RD: 7/13/2001
TD: 5/1/2002
ID: 5/27/2003
AD: 5/27/2003

Interview letter recieved on 5/14/03 dated 5/13/03 to be scheduled on 5/27/03. Interview was not at all tough though I was little tensed. It went like this.

Dropped the orginal interview letter
INS officer called our names.
Asked us to take oath.
Then asked for emp letter, copy of I-140 approval notice and 2002 tax return. Asked questions like have we been deported, arrested ... and we said NO. Then he asked if we have only one kid and I said yes and if he needs a copy of birth certificate, to which he said yes if you have one.
He took all the papers and placed them at approriate places in the file. Then he said before we leave today he will stamp our passport using which we are authorized to work and travel. He then said that we should give our FP before we leave today. I asked him specifically if he has approved our cases to which he said yes your case is approved. To that I thanked him and asked if he needs our EAD and AP. He said yes. I gave him EAD, AP and thanked him and left the office.
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Transfer case approved finally

Thank God! Our case finally got approved!

RD 10/2001 Vermont
Transferred to Hartford 11/2002
Interviewed 01/2003
Approved 05/2003

Thanks for the many posts here help us spent the most difficult waiting period. You will be the next.


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congrats padanaram

Could you please provide us more info about ur interveiw details.

they took 4 months to approve your case?.

You were really lucky to get interview call in couple of months after the case is transferred..

as i am still waiting for the interview with TD 9/22/02 along with lot of others guys on this board toooo!

Congrats and wish u all the best..
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Thanks Redragon.

You are right. It almost took 4 months for our case to get approved after interview.

The interview was pretty typical. The official asked employment letter, 2002 tax form and other regular questions. We got our fingerprints done there after the interview.

I read other thread saying that someone also got approved last month, 4 months after being interviewed at Newark office. I guess this would not happen any more because the IBIS check, used to be done after interview, is probably done before the interview now. You could get your passport stamped right away after the interview. Good luck!


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My I485 was transferred to Hartford on the 5th of June. Surprisingly, my wife's pitition was not transferred. Here is my details:

RD(I-140): 11/5/2002
ND(I-140): 11/25/2002
AD(I-140): 6/4/2003
RD(I-485): 11/5/2002
ND(I-485): 11/25/2002
TD: 6/5/2003 To Hartford, CT
EAC(for I-485): 03-020-xxxxx