Interview Notice Recd(for Dec 10th) at SFO local. Please help with my questions below


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Hi All,
My spouse and I recd. interview notices from Local INS, San Fransisco for Dec. 10th, 2002. I changed my co. 210 days after filing I-485. and my spouse had a DUI arrest which he acknowledged in I-485. I will be taking an attorney with me.
They have asked me to get among other things, Corporate income tax statement. Should I take my current employer or my former who filed for my GC??
Current employment letter-- Should my job title be same as previous company's?
For my spouse - court certified disposition letter for his DUI... Will court issue this?
Any response to this will be helpful...


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Take every single document with you. Prepare in advance batches of related documents. i.e. all documents related to your marraiage put them in a folder, all documents related to the DUI in another folder, etc. Even take pictures of your family, wedding pictures,kids, birthdays and so on. The reason is you don't know exactly what the INS is looking for, so is better be prepared than delay your case because you couldn't provide the interviewer with a document. Since you are taking your attorney with you would be a good idea to have a meeting with him/her so you can ask more questions and posible discuss all the worries with him.
If you hold the same position in your actual company it will be good idea to have the same title.

Finally provide the interviewer only with the documentation that he/she ask for. Nothing more nothing less.

This is only my personal opinion, You should always discuss the matter with your legal counselor.
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RD 06/13/01, ND 08/09/01

AVM changed to "Case transferred to Local INS" --03/29/02. Actual date the file got transferred - 04/17/02(this info. recd. from my attorney..)
Interview notice recd. -- 11/16/02
Hope this helps...
Thanks Al2 for the valuable advise. Appreciate it..

Btw, I joined the client, so my job duties are the same. But my job title is different.


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I got laid off after 180 days but luckily found another job. Now I am debating if I should get a new lawyer or stay with my old company lawyer. I am not really happy with my old company lawyer becaus his service is really bad.
My question to you:

1) Did you change lawyer after job change?

2) Did you notify INS about job change?
3) What are the things you have to perform after job change?

4) Did you get the I-140 original from old company because my company just gave me a copy of I-140? Should I worry about that.

I would greatly appreciate your answers.

Good luck with your case!


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Court Deposition


I am also waiting for an Interview from SFO. Based on the timeline you have provided, if I am lucky, I may get the notice next month for a interview in Jan 2003.

I do have a DUI and I have already procured the court deposition. All you have to do is call the court clerk where your spouse was finally convicted and they will send you the paper work. Also be aware that DUI is a not a felony, it is not a permisable offence to deny someone of the greencard.

Good Luck,

Please keep us posted



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gc_hopefully, I changed my lawyer as my old lawyer was in the East coast

and there was no way that they would attend the interview with me.
I definitely wanted the attorney to attend with me so chose one in the West coast.
I did not notify INS of the job change. Infact i did not do anything while changing jobs.
I do not have the original I-140 with me. Just a copy and according to my lawyer it should be fine. Hope this helps!!!
What did you say to the court clerk? Case Disposition notice??? Let me know...


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Procuring Court Deposition

Hello Banama,

I ask your apology for the belated reply.

You do not have to say anything to the court clerk. Simply, call them (Court that the conviction took place) and give them details about you wife. They will fax the document and also send it via post. The posted document will have court embossed stamping with the judges signature.

It is pathetic that the procurring GC is an overriding factor for most of us,hence, I would go to the court in person with your spouse and get the Deposition.

This is not favor the court is doing you by providing the document. They should simply furnish it, if you ask for it. It simply once right to get that information not a privilege. The court deposition will state the offence, conviction, penalties and jail time if any.(I am sure this is not the case with your spouse)

Was your spouse represented by an DUI attorney or did she plead guillty directly to the judge. If the attorney was present, call him, he should be able to give further details.

It should be pretty straight forward.

Hope this answers your question.

Good luck.


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Thanks Bamana

I really appreciate your reply. I have decided to stay with my present lwyer as he is local and willing to represent me.
I still have a long way to go as it's been only little more than 6 months since my GC applied. .....

Good luck and take care.


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Thanks for the response, Sundaram - We will be going tomorrow to the court for documt

InfoGC, It took me 7 months from the date of transfer to get the interview scheduled... I will post my interview experience next week.. Maybe then you can decide if you need to take your attorney for the interview


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Anyone out there who has finished the interview at SFO and still waiting for approval

Please respond. Want to gauge how much time it takes for the actual approval to arrive after the interview..
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Interview done at SF

My sponse and I got the 485 interview in SF yesterday(12/17).
My application is EB2 based, and my spouse is the dependent.

Everything went well. The officer is polite and nice. He is thorough with all the documents, and do take copies of our tax forms, employment letter, etc.

There seem no specific reason why we got chosen for the interview. We are also waiting for the final approval after the so called "security clearance".

Just need to be patient.


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ggyy.. why the interview?

ggyy.. can we know ur receipt dates and FP location? do you know why you were called for an interview?

thanks in advance,



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Interview at SF

Our fingerprints were done in January 2002.
I live in Fremont. FP is done in Oakland.
Receipt date for I-485 is July 2001.
The WAC is 01-270-XXXXXX.

We knew that our case is transferred to SF local office in March 2002, by the AVM. Interview notices were received in November, just one month before the interview.

We don't know for sure why the interview is called. My attorney asked this question to INS officer at the end of the interiview, the officer said mischiviously " I won't tell you" (in a pleasant way).
My best guess is the marriage between different nationalities.
(I had the chance to show him my beautiful wedding photos in the interview. )

I suggest people to view my post to be cool about the interview stuff. INS certainly has right to interiview you, if it chooses to. The wait was somehow painful, (8 months in my case), but remember to remain calm and be patient.