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Interview location and DS-260 questions

Discussion in 'Lottery Visas - DV' started by MonFD, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. MonFD

    MonFD Member


    I have a few questions regarding my application. I am EU 15XXX. I have submitted my DS-260
    in May 2017 while I was still living in Country A. Since then I moved back home to my home
    country B starting July 2017 and now I am working in Country C since January 2018.
    My interview was set for Country A.
    1. Can I have my medical done in a different country than my interview?
    I am considering to leave my interview for country A but do my medical in country C.
    Is that possible? Or they need to be in the same location? I am trying to avoid changing my
    interview location to avoid delays in my interview date. Can you get a medical done in a
    country to don't live anymore (A in my case)? If I need to change my interview location what
    delays in interview date can I encounter?
    2. I applied to the lottery using my country of birth which is B so Foreign State Chargeability is B. However I am citizen of Country D as well and at the time of submitting DS-260 I entered for Personal information 1 Country B as my country/region of birth and for Personal Information 2 section I entered Country D as Country/region of Origin (nationality) because I had to enter a valid passport and only D was valid. When I login DS-260 I see country of Chargeability B at the top of the page however the confirmation of DS-260 has Country/Region of Origin (Nationality) Country D and no mention of country of chargeability B . Will this cause a problem and how should I handle it?
    3. I had been rejected USA visa several times in the past (a few times I got denied student visas and one time visitor visa which was the most recent one from 2007- (11 years ago!) ). Since then I been on ESTA and been visiting USA on a regular basis. To the question of have you ever been denied USA visa I answered yes and at the explanations section I just mentioned the 2007 rejection, should I have mentioned the student visa rejections too or its ok I just mentioned the last rejection?
    Also I wanna mention my country A address is no longer valid and neither is my country A phone number which I gave in DS-260.. My employment status changed too since then from unemployed to employed.
    Should I open DS-260? What are your recommendations? What kind of delays would this cause?
    I also wanna add it's been a dream come true to finally win the lottery as I been attempting to win it for 10+ years and I have personal reason to want to live in USA, therefore I wanna make sure I don't mess this up.
    Thanks so much for your time in reading this!! Much appreciated !!

  2. Britsimon

    Britsimon Super Moderator

    Try and keep your questions to the point. I almost didn't answer this at all because it is hard to pick out the points from the rambling and country A/B/C/D spaghetti.

    1. No. Medical must be done in country (at a physician approved by the embassy).
    2. Citizen/Passports etc doesn't matter. Country of birth was selected correctly - that is all you need to worry about.
    3. This isn't a problem.

    Yes you should unlock and correct your current address. If you don't do that your interview will be scheduled in country A, and changing the scheduled interview will cause significant delay.
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