Interview in houston, tx


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Interview in houston, tx
Had my interview on Jan 25th all went very well,very simple easy questions and answered all which only lasted no more than 15-20 mins max, she asked if I have gotten any tickets like speeding etc, which I did not mentioned on the form and said yes told her how many which is a Lot i think today of 5 ( 4 speeding and 1 failed to come to a full stop at a stop sign).
She noted it on the form and printed out a form stating that all I was recomended for approval, and the oat ceromony will be on Feb 22nd.
Not sure it they will pull my driving record or look into it further ?

Got a letter from the local office in Houston, not in the Normal USCIS letter head but the notification format informing me on the oat date and venue received on Friday 28th .
NO updates on the case status page or case number is this normal ?



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You have the oath date as confirmed by letter. Don't worry about online status as it won't reflect this.


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I completed my interview and oath on Jan 12th. My online status still says "Interview and Testing" as of this morning. So, dont worry.


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The questions on the back of the N-445 Notice are to be filed with this in mind: "Thay are asking about changes that happened AFTER the the situations in thiose questions." SO, don't tell them about your tickets again UNLESS it is something new AFTER the interview.