Internship Aborad

I am 17 years old, a Canadian Citizen, and living in the U.S. based on a H-4 Visa. I am currently studying at USC and looking for internship opportunity. Because of my status, I cannot work in US. Can I work in Canada, UK, EU, or Asia like Singapore?
Talk to your Career Center at USC. They can help you apply for internships abroad and help confirm eligibility.
As a Canadian Citizen you are allowed to work in Canada. Do you have a Canadian Social Insurance Number already? (you should). That is all you need, as well as proof of Canadian Citizenship.
Note, some provinces, like Ontario, have a 3 month waiting period before you are eligible for Provincial Health Insurance, so you will need private health insurance. (or maybe your parents insurance plan will cover you?)
Talk to USC career center, they will help.