International Student - Work permit, PNP & PR question


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I apologize in advance for posting my question here but I could not find proper thread for my question.

I am an international student, currently studying 8 months (actually saying 1 year) post-secondary certificate program from one of the Toronto colleges. I will be graduating in August, 2012 and after graduation, I will get work permit of 8 months (actually should get 1 year, but right now imagine for 8 months).

I was looking for PR option which I can apply for within 8 months of work permit. As Saskatchewan and Ontario provinces are only available if one has 1 year of work permit. In other provinces, first I have to apply for PNP and based on that, I could apply for PR.

My question is, with the 8 months of work permit, which province I have to go?
My field is related to marketing and all provinces required 3 to 6 months of job with permanent job offer in the same field as study. so What are the situation for marketing related job in all provinces.
Can I use employment or staffing agency to find out permanent job offer?

Please reply soon, I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you in advance for your help.