Internation Bank Draft Address? - Filling at London Office

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to file a I-130 with the London office (my wife is American). As many of you know, paying for this whilst not being in the US isn't as simple as you would like to think.

I've just been to my bank to get an international bank drat in USD, no problem. The issue I have is that they require an address when generating the bank drat and I cant find any documentation or information for what address I need to put. Is it the London Embassy? Is it USCIS address in DC?

Also, I doubt his would be a problem but on their system is doesn't allow me to make it out to "U.S. Department of Homeland Security" as it runs out of characters. It can be made out to "U.S.Department of Homeland Security" (missing the space between U.S. and Department, I'm 1 character short). I'm assuming this wont be a problem?

This is the last hurdle I need to overcome on the I-130 form so any help would be really appreciated.