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    This information is not current

    Hi Jaxen,

    This information is not current. Atleast with Saint Louis.
    I got my Interim EAD from there yesterday. i am not sure about the other offices.
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    Thanks bcooler.

    This info is from khoula about iEAD in Tampa, FL,
    They don't accept walk ins you have to make an appointment with them by calling 813-637-3010 on tues, wed, thursdays between 8am & 12 noon..
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    iEAD at Tampa

    About a couple weeks ago we asked our attorney to apply for an iEAD at the local BCIS office (Tampa). They did and in about a week we got our appointment with A# in it, scheduled for next week.
    Yes, they DO NOT take walk-ins (strictly enforced). You must apply for an appointment, but it's not taking that long.
    Have a friend whos case is FB, who is applying by herself. She confirms the waiting time for an appointment is about 1 week.

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