Indian Passport Renewal through CKGS New York


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Hi all,

I am trying to get my passport renewed through CKGS-NY. I already have the money-order without the CKGS shipping option, I have opted for UPS instead. I have two options now:
1. Cancel the money order, application and redo everything with CKGS shipping which seems cumbersome but safe.
2. Go ahead with UPS shipping and return shipping.
If I go with #2, how do I set up the return shipment? UPS have canceled the Pad Pak which is recommended by the CKGS website but have a very smart new Reusable Express Envelope @ at . I wonder if CKGS employees are smart enough to use it. Their call centers have been discontinued temporarily like walk-ins.
option 2 will save me time, how do I about creating a CKGS to my address shipment? Does anyone have an idea? I can include a self-addressed return envelope in my package but CKGS will not drop it at the UPS location for me and I cannot give the UPS a deterministic timeline to pick up my renewed passport at CKGS.

Thank you!