Indian Passport Renewal of Minor Child, on Dependent Visa Residing in USA


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My 5 year old son's Indian Passport expires in June 2015. I am having a tough time trying to understand the documents needed to accompany the application for reissue/renewal. In spite of the instructions on the BLS website, rather than giving me a clearer picture, the pretty much did the opposite and I am lost now. Please help me with guidance to following questions.

1) Affidavit (For Status) - I am aware that this affidavit is to be completed and notarized and send along with the PP renewal application, and the way the affidavit is worded out pertains to Adults- Do they have different affidavit for Minors? If not, I will be using the same form, In that case should I fill it as the first person (the minor child) or should it be as if I am the father filling the form as he is under-aged
BLS Passport Order Form- Under family details do I fill in My Permanent Address(In India) uner " Address to be printed on the Passport) and My Current Address under "Other Address"

3) 3 copies of national verification form? what is that