Indian passport renewal application sent to wrong consulate

I am an Indian citizen. I applied for Indian passport renewal at Washington DC consulate office on Oct 28. I live in Pennsylvania and got to know just now that I should have submitted the application to New York Consulate. i have not heard back from the Washington DC consulate. Has anyone faced a similar situation. Is the Washington DC consulate going to send back my application package or renew my passport. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Only Misc services like name corrections or endorsements of documents etc. are done the same day.Your friend might have dropped the PP off couple of weeks back and picking up later when you got involved.The passport was sent to me by mail and received it in 10 days.I was surprised by the way the crowd was handled.I think it depends on the top person who is in-charge of the consulate.


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Yes, the higher position in consulate will determine and decide for your entry to their country. They always make the judgement for final qualification.