Indian Passport Reissue in San Francisco


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I recently got my mom's Indian passport renewed in CKGS San Francisco and would like to share the experience. I sent out the application 10 days before passport expiry date. Expiring passport was issued in India.

It took exactly 10 days door to door. I chose to pay for the Fedex courier both ways.

Documentation for passport renewal is as requested at CKGS website. I got mom's state ID card and green card notarized. In CA the notary will NOT verify the document copy, instead he will only authenticate the signature of the person presenting the document copy. Even original is not needed, just a sworn verbal statement that the document presented is a true copy of the original. I did not provide any address proof in India since there was no change in the Indian address.

I followed the process exactly as stated on CKGS website.

Three photos were sent. One was on the Nationality Verification form, another one on the Passport Application form and third one loosely attached to the application package. Photos were 2 x 2 inches size taken against a white background.

CKGS provided email and SMS updates on the progress of the application, including Fedex tracking information.