India trip between TN aspproval date at POE and start date


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I will be going to the POE - Lewiston for a TN on March 5. The start date on my letter is for Mar 23.

I had the same gap on my previous TN.

Would it be fine to go to India and come back? Would I need a new TN after the India trip ?



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Trips outside North America before start date would need a new I94 card and not a new TN application process.

Just confirmed with the CBP officer.
So on March 5th, you requested and obtained a new TN with a letter stating a start date of March 23rd?
(2.5 weeks before start date)
A common question is how far in advance can I request TN, typically it is one to two weeks. (some say two weeks is too far in advance)


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Thanks for the reply. The officer told me it is 10 calendar days and issued me the TN at POE.

1>Please describe your daily duties?
2>Degrees and equivalency documents?
3>Dp you have a P Engg designation?
3>How does an MS in a different field of engineering help in the petitioned role?