India Travel and Current Situation


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My mother, who is a Green card holder, traveled to India in Feb of this year. Due to the current COVID situation in India, she is planning to travel once things improve there. If my mother returns after the six months timeframe, will she be asked questions at the Port of Entry? My mother is a GC holder for 15 years and has lived in the US the entire time.

Also, her Indian passport expires in Sept of this year, do the US port of entry officers ask questions if she arrives a week or two before her passport expires?

Thanks in advance.
As long as it has been less than 1 year, she will be able to use the green card to board the flight and arrive in the US. If she's asked any questions, then she should answer them truthfully and explain that she had intended to return to the US sooner but was not able to.

An LPR who presents their green card does not need to show their passport when they arrive in the US, and will usually not be asked to show it. If she has any concerns about being held up while trying to board the flight in India, then she should take up those concerns with the airline.


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She may or may not be asked questions on any return from abroad.

Passport expiry won’t be a problem for US entry. Technically all they need is a green card. Ensure she isn’t transiting anywhere that has a minimum passport duration to expiry for transit.