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Discussion in 'Business in Canadian Provinces' started by coolguru, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. coolguru

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    Are there any success stories/suggesstions for working as independent consultant in Canada for a permanent resident without joining any consulting firm OR 2-3 consultant joinging togather and making a firm of their own???
    Cool Guru
  2. asma unnisa

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    Independent Consultancy

    Hello All,

    As I said you started a consultancy Business looking for consulting firm who can help me out for filling my consultant application for canada work Permit.

    Please help me out with your opinion and suggestion and will be very thankfull.
  3. stalekar_2000

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    I came here with intention to start Software Consulting and Training services in PLM and hence registered & stared a PLML Inc. After amonth I have been travelling for almost 4 months for business in India. I received good response and have affiliate companies here. We executed orders in name of Candian company for Indian and US automotive companies . I filed initial tax returns in Canada as well.

    I Plan to Return back to Canada this month. As per residency rules I think each day spent out of country on behalf established ( not sure of newly started ) Canadian company could be considered to fulfil the residency obligation of 2 years of period out of each 5.
    So far So Well.
  4. jakawan

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    Migrate to Canada


    I would like to move to Windsor from US and setup a software consulting firm. Can anybody tell me how do I get started first? and what type of visa/requirements do I need? Some pointer to this will be greatly appreciated.


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