Incorrect Date of Birth in PR (permanent residence card ) green card.


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I received my green card in the year of 2019. Unfortunately the date of my birthdate is incorrect. I filed I90 application for correction. They send me schedule for biometrics again for the renewal of my green card. It is a free biometric since all the information I provided are correct at the first time applied. I waited 13 months for the correction of my permanent green card but I didn’t receive any . In that time of waiting I called USCiS numerous time for follow up. I even scheduled for stamped twice because I travelled outside the country and I cannot use a wrong date of birth in my PR. Iused stamped passport for renewing other documents like driver’s license application. More than the processing time of more than 13 months , I send an inquiry. After less than a month finally I received a response that my application for applying to correct the date of birth in my green card is being denied . It stated that I didn’t pay for the biometric process and that it is not USCIS fault of the mistake in my green card. It is very frustrating . It is 2021 of january I received the denial. I applied the 190 correction of date of birth of august of 2019. Now, my question is can I still proceed for the application of my citizenship since I have the permanent resident card even with the wrong date of birth. ? “All documents submitted is correct information except my PR card I received is incorrect date of birth. “