Inconsistency in INFOPASS !!


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Hi Friends !!

1) Can anyone tell me how we can schedule appointment for passport stamping using INFOPASS. I am in the Chicago area and whenever I put in my zipcode it tells me that it is not available.

2) Secondly, I am planning to go for stamping on week beginning of Oct 4th. Will I be able to get an appointment that much in the future or should I wait little longer to get it.

Thanks in advance !!



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Try another zipcode, close to you. Or if you're looking to go to the loop's office, you can just use that zipcode.


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npnjan02 said:
60602, 60603, 60604, 60605, 60606, 60607 are around the CIS's office

Thanks a lot NPNJAN02 !! The zip code 60602 did the trick. My stupid paralegal just told me that nothing could be done and we have to keep trying. But there are smarted people like you who know how to do it. I was a bit lost though... :confused:

I have another question for you or anyone else. I think when I was putting in my details, I accidentally put in an incorrect date of birth. All the other info was correct. There is no way to go back in and edit my inormfation. Should I cancel that appointment and then try for a new one.

Do they ask for date of birth verification and could they tell me to come again because of incorrect birth date entered. :confused: :confused:


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I dont think the DOB should matter. I used Infopass today at the Kansas City office. They did not even look at it. I had gone to get my interim ead.
If you are really worried, you can cancel your current appointment and get a new one. I did it once and I could get another one in a week's time(the date I wanted), but only after I cancelled my existing appointment. You cannot take 2 appointments with one login.
Good luck