Income Requirement for Sponsoring spouse


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I have a question about income requirement. How many years of income does a Citizen need to provide to sponsor his/her spouse? Also, what is the actual figure that one needs to have earned to sponsor his/her spouse? Say, a US citizen only earned 10k in 2014, how should s/he go about sponsoring his/her spouse?

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Technically, it's current (right now) income that matters, and no past years' of income are necessary. However, having maintained the same level of income over several years will more strongly convince them of your ability to maintain this income. The current income necessary is in I-864P. If you don't have enough income yourself, you can get a joint sponsor who has enough income to also sponsor.


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The applicable term is joint sponsorship.
Anyone can be a joint sponsor with current income at or above the threshold for household size as published in the I-864P. A joint sponsor must be a USC or LPR.


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Ooh kk thanks so much.
So do I need to rent my own apartment or perching with my uncle is equally safe to file for my wife to join me.
With the household size it should be 1 thus me alone but since I would be living together with my uncle and her daughter how does it work? I want to know details in case filling the form I may not do mistakes.