In-laws visa question - please reply


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I need to apply for visitor visa for my in-laws.
My questions is what additional documents are needed to prove that they are my in-laws ? Like my wife's passport(having her parent names) or my wife's BC.
If wife's BC is not available then what ? Is BC a necessity ?

Anything else ?

also, one more question about bank statements ? I have recently done too many transactions with my money in the bank, like investing in CDs, govt bonds etc. So, during the last few months, my bank balances have been really going haywire e.g on day it is 15000, next day it is 500, then after some days, again I transferred some money (like $20000) into it and after some days, took all of it out electronically.
So, is it advisable to send such bank statements with so many frequent ups and downs ? Would it have any -ve effect ?
Or shall I just send a bank letter stating date account opened and current balance and copies of paystubs and employment letter?

Please advise !!


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Visitor visa
They apply, not you
It doesn’t matter about proving they are your in laws or your bank account
It matters that THEY can show the interviewing officer that they will go back home again after they visit
They should be focusing on their ties to the home country, not you!


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Susie is right, your inlaws apply for a visa, you do not. You can help them fill out the ds160, but they are the applicants, therefore they apply.

A birth certificate is not required for a visitor visa. Their passport should suffice. You don't have to send anything. The inlaws have to show their ties to the country they call home. Are they living in India/Pak? It's unlikely any of the documents would ever be looked at.

Ability to hold a free-flowing conversation, and credibility established at the interview are far larger factors than pieces of paper.