In case of Clearance reqd...can't I travel back to US


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I have a valid H1-B visa till June, 2004. I am planning to get new visa till Feb, 2006 as my new I-797 is approved with new employer.
If clearance is required for me to issue a new visa as I hope it will be required as I am from Pakistan.
Can't I travel back to US on prior valid visa?
Just now I received a confirmation call from Ottawa I beleive about my appoitnment & the lady informed me that I may not be able to get back to US till my clearance is done & I had a new visa & it may take about 60 days, so I should plan accordingly.

Any advise?

Should I apply for new visa or not? I need to go to Canada to get my family there for Landing first time.



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Are you also landing in canada or you have landed already ..

If you have landed already , you do not need to be there when your family is landing as it is a pretty simple process and there is not much you can do to help them in the landing process..

If you are also landing and are nearing your landing date validity in canada, then you do not have much of a choice . You will have to go and land and then follow whatever the US consulate says

Hope this helps


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You will not be able to come back to the states if you apply for visa, until the visa is actually issued. It could take months to get the clearance. So, plan accordingly.


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Thanks, bhand11683,

I have already done my landing in June, 03 & got new H1-B visa from Toronto in July, 03. Now I am just accompanying my family & my family also had a valid US visa to come should I not apply for a new H1-B as I already have although I have started with new employer for which I had valid I-797 till Feb, 2006?

Any suggestions advised.

On Dept of State website it says that a person who apply for a US visa & his visa which was already stamped on his passport is expired he/she cannot come back to US on the I-94 (new I-797).
My case is kind of different & I have a vlid US visa good till June, 2004.

What should I do? Any more suggestions....\




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Get your family landed and come back to US

DO NOT apply for a new Visa . Wait till 2004 .Conditions might be different then

An old saying : Do not try and cross the bridge before you reach it