"Importing" car from Canada to US TN Visa


I will be moving from BC to Seattle in a month or 2 for work under a TN Visa.
I will also be a non-resident of Canada to benefit from the US Tax.

My insurance will be expiring in Sept with ICBC and bc drivers license will be expiring in july (probably wont cause any issue)

My car is a 2012 Subaru STI and looking at the car it seems that it has CMVSS and US EPA sticker. Car does not have a TPMS.

From what I can understand after searching, these are the forms that I will need fill out prior to filing it
  • DOT HS-7
  • EPA 3520-1

Are there any fees that I would have to pay like duties/taxes to import the car and what would the cost look like?

As I will be driving down to the Seattle with my car to move some of my personal belongings would I have to import the car on the spot and the day of moving my items down to seattle? Or can I bring my stuff down, possibly multiple trips back and forth and then eventually in August I will import the car to the US?

In terms of logical steps I would be doing the following in order:
  1. Move to seattle with Canada license and insurance
  2. immediately go to the DMV to get a Washington license
  3. import the car to seattle before insurance expires
Would that make sense or would it be better to import the car as I cross the border while moving items down to Seattle?

I saw from this thread
Bringing car to US under TN status

It seems to be possible to import the car for just 1 year vs. "forever" what would the steps be? are they different?



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Basically only students can practically import a car for just one year. Those who work, in every state, are required to plate and register their cars within 30/60/90 days, Getting a plate requires formal importation. You can probably shuttle like you say for a bt, but you need to do the steps (getting manufacturers letter first, etc)