Important LC questions - Please help!


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I currently work in CA, and my employer filed for my labor in July 2001 (RIR). My manager got a letter from SESA regarding wage clarifications. They had mentioned that the average salary for a person with my qualifications and experience is higher than what I currently make. Frankly speaking, this salary that they mentioned was ridiculously high. My lawyers are currently preparing to submit a survey to SESA. Does this kind of a letter reduce my chances of getting labor cleared ? What proactive steps can I take so as to reduce the chances of labor being rejected ?

Also, can I apply for my labor in Delaware, while living in CA? My employer has a branch in Wilmington, Delaware and I could actually move to Delaware if required. How long is my presence in Delaware requried ? Can I just move temporarily to Delaware and live there until my labor gets cleared ?


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Absolutely,you can also start your GC from Delaware.You don\'t need to move to Delaware in order to file from there.Delaware labour is current,that means,you can get your GC within a year.

BTW,Could you tell me who your employer is?I\'m also looking for a Delaware based employer to sponser my GC.

my emailid:

I appreciate your help



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Looks like there are more and more people having the same problem with you recently

I know there are three people have the same problem with you and it makes me really worry about mine. Two of them
in Florida, one of them has got her LC cleared after submitting some proof docs (I am not sure what, she is not a person
I know personally. Looks like it is a statement emphasizing her job is at entry level and there is no way to pay her such a
high salary). The other person in FL is exactly same with you, his lawyer did a survey and submitted it to DOL, he is still waiting
for the decision from SESA. Refer to NJLABOR here for my posting.
Could you please tell me when your lawyer submitted the survey, can you keep your priority date for your LC?
Please keep us updated.