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    Hi Guys, I have found there are lots of doubts about who should get PCC from Indian Embassy and how to get it. I would like to compile on single thread about Police Clearance Certificate for your convinience. Any questions or suggestions, lets discuss right here.

    Who should apply for PCC in Indian Embassy for the purpose of Canadian Immigration?
    Any person who lives outside India, invariably where you live, should get the PCC.

    For example: if you have lived in India till 21 years of old, you got a job in Japan for 2 years, later you accepted a position in US, you have to apply for PCC in India, Japan and US. Though this thread deals how to get PCC from an Indian embassy, please go to the other countries website to get a PCC for the period you stayed in other countries too. In USA, additional to local Police Certificate, you have to get Clearance from FBI using Fingerprints.

    Where should I apply for PCC?

    The eligible Indian Embassy. ("eligible" - suppose someone from Maryland cannot apply for PCC in Indian Embassy in Newyork but should apply only from the embassy in Washington DC.)

    How and What should I send?

    1. Locate the website of your "eligible" Indian Embassy or contact the Embassy for the form named "APPLICATION FOR MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES", which would be used for multi purpose, such as Name Change, Change of address & other miscellaneous services on the passport, Birth/Death/Marriage Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate to mention a few.
    2. Fill up the form, fill only where it is required.
    3. Do not fail to include your original passport along with the copies of all the pages of the passport, travelling visa documents (H1 or B1).
    4. Enclose Money Order for the amount mentioned in the form (from USA, I enclosed $20 for normal service, if you wanted to have a faster service, call them and ask how much money you needed to attach for Expedited services along with the Speed Post charges)
    5. Write a letter indicating your name, address and the purpose of requesting the Police Clearance Certificate (Here mention that it is for Canadian Immigration). DO NOT FORGET THIS. They will provide PCC only for a particular reason.
    6. Send it to the Indian Embassy and for normal process it should take 4-6 weeks and Expedited Process it may take lesser than one week. But always keep calling them and talk to them politely, they can help you in getting things faster.

    I hope this helps you guys.
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    HI maheshrudra

    Thanks for the info. If I am sending my original passport why should i need to send photocopies of it. Just today I send all the papers and original passport for PCC. BUt I didnt send the photocopies of the passport. Will it be a problem? And how would I know the eligbility of my state for particular indian embassy(e.g, NY,washington etc)

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    Issue of PCC takes about 30-40 days, if your passport was issued in India. If you feel you are not anticipating any ugent need of passport during this time, it is ok to send the original passport.

    If you do not want to keep your passport away for 40 days, then send copies initially and send original after 40 days.
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    Hi Sunny, I was also thinking why they need the photocopies when we are sending the original, but they asked for it. BUT, it will not be a problem for you, I hope you will receive the PCC without any trouble.

    Regarding which consulate to apply, visit
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    Hi Mahesh,

    Could you please also compile something for FBI finger prints/ Back ground check.

    Any links to CIC web site would be great!

    Thanks in advance
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    Police Clearance

    This information really helped me a lot. Thanks
  8. USCISisMockery

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  9. s_cheguri

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    help needed in getting US-PCC From india plz!!

    Hi guys,

    Here is my situation,

    I am right now in india.

    but since last 4 years i was in US.

    i want to apply canadian immigration being in india.

    lot of people asking me to PCC form it possible to get PCC from i need Finger prints to get?? them

    PLz help me in getting them..just guide me how to get them if u know,

    ur help will be greatly appriciated,

  10. PMM

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    Yes you will need the fingerprints and the FBI criminal records check. Read the following: which tells you of the process and how to obtain a fingerprint card.

  11. Shaf

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    Bangladeshi in need of Indian PCC

    Friends, if someone could answer to my question, I would appreciate it:

    I am a citizen of Bangladesh, however, I lived in India for 4 years for my undergrad. Now that I want to apply for Canadian PR, I am in need of a PCC from India. As my passport is not Indian ... will the Indian Embassy entertain the request for this certificate? If not, who should I contact for that? Thanks!
  12. The7zen

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    Silly Question

    For the Indian PCC do i need to fill the "APPLICATION FOR MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES" form with a photo ? and also my passport was issued from Chicago consulate and my wife's from chennai, can i get her PCC from Chennai and mine from Chicago?.
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    PCC from indian consulate

    I was in the same boat as you are in and I got my PCC from Indian consulate in Houston. They were very responsive and I got my PCC within three weeks.
    They may ask you for the passport that you used when you travelled to India.
    Hope that helps.

  14. zrm

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    Hi Folks,

    Can some one help me with information in regard to obtain PCC from India. My situation is somewhat different as I am not an Indian citizen but I have resided in India for a period more than four years while pursuing my engineering studies at NIT, Jaipur which in more popularly known as MNIT. However, back in those days it was named as MREC.

    Well, to cut it short, I am now living in Canada with a Canadian citizenship status. For some special reasons I am direly in need of my PCC from the Indian authority.

    By the way, I have with me copies of all visas issued during my engineering studies and besides visas I also have all the file numbers maintianed by Foreigner's registration office in Jaipur, India.

    Can anyone help me with needed info......

    Waiting someone to response.
  15. zrm

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    Why do you need a police clearance cerificate from india for your canadian pr? when i got mine they never asked me to submit a pcc from india. may be rules have changed. Seems we are both caught in a similar situation. Let me know if you make any progress in your hunting mission.

    by the way, when did you attend school in india? well mine dates back to late 80s. I wonder if those guys in india will ever remember me and even if they do how long will they take to issue a pcc....................
  16. sam bajpai

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    Hey guys I got my fingerprinting for RCMP PCC at International Fingerprinting Services India having their office in Delhi. What I liked about them was that they provide services for expedited RCMP PCC wherein I got my police clearance certificate in less that 10 days. They also offer services for expedited FBI police clearance. I called them up at 9643014524.

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