Impact of surgery on GC

Will getting a surgery such as bypass or angioplasty cause problems during medical or consular interviews for parents? Does medical report show that applicant has had surgery? I am imagining that it should not be a concern while processing GC .. but needed some advice if anyone on this site has had experience in that area?


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From a purely medical perspective it shouldn’t be a problem. However, if there is a chronic issue it may be a problem from a public charge perspective. Have been hearing some reports of sponsors being asked to get quotes and show they can afford health insurance for parents they are sponsoring. If you make well in excess of the minimum requirement that shouldn’t be a problem.


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Physicians conducting the medicals would list the surgery and associated medications on the report. Chronic issues may bring up health insurance affordability issues. COs in the Trump age have been on the lookout for public charge concerns. Someone posted in another forum their parents in Mexico were denied immigrant visas because they could not overcome the public charge issue associated with elderly applicants.