immigration to canada with a child affected by Autism


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hi everyone, i would really like some advice if possible,myself,husband and 2 daughters age 13 and 7 are currently looking at the prospect of moving from manchester england to calgary,canada on a skilled worker visa for either myself,my husband or both. However, our oldest daughter had high functioning Autism, she is not severly disabled but does need support and currently attends a specialised school,she also has some medical needs(not serious, needing prescribed medication) and has some social care services provied(not a lot though) I am aware there are restrictions on allowing families with special needs children to immigrate to canada due to the use on resources the child may need, does anyone know what the cirteria is for this restriction, ie:how disabled they are, what services they are provided in uk etc etc,i have conatced autism calgary and im waiting for some advice from them and i will also be contacting the legal agencies regarding this, if anyone has any ideas or advice then that would be great.