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alice jors

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Hi all,

This is a very simple test algorithm to proof USACISS

DV scam, something that most of us here in this newsgroup

have been long complaining about ..

Requirements for the test: Anyone willing to lose his/her

DV chance for a year.

AP 1:

- Register to USACISS and pays the application


- Also applies directly through the official web


Possible results of the test:

1-. The person A does NOT receive any winning

notification, this does not mean anything

and the algorithm would need to be repeated

next year:

Case 1.1) The application was disqualified because

was sent twice.

Case 1.2) The application simply did not succeed.

2-. The person A does receive the DV winning notification

which would CLEANLY show that USACISS is not sending

any application to the official web site, otherwise

the applicant would have been disqualified.

I think that many people doing this experiment would eaily

make USACISS lose the case in court and besides the Green

Card people could also claim a large indemnity?

What do you think? anyone willing to join me?




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The DV program is free, the eDV application is simple, straight forward and self-doable. Why are you or anyone paying an agent to enter your name in the lottery program in the first place?


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Scammers try to trick people who enter the Diversity Visa Lottery. Scammers might:
  • Charge you money to help you apply
  • Promise to increase your chance of being picked
  • Send you a message saying you won and ask for money
You do not pay until you find out your entry was picked, and you go to the U.S. embassy or consulate in person for your appointment.